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RSS Wizard converts HTML pages into RSS news feeds
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RSS Wizard is an advanced wizard-based application for creating valid and well-constructed RSS feeds out of almost any HTML web page. Despite its very simple design, the program does very complex tasks: it has the ability to scrape any local or remote HTML page, and look for predefined strings inside its source code. This way, the program can identify the title, description, and link of the extracted news items.

You can optionally specify the client's "User Agent", referral website, and use a proxy server - this reduces the chances of being banned from any automated security programs running on the web server which is serving the web page that you are scrapping. The program has a nice cloning feature, which will enable you to make a backup of any saved profile.

The program enables you to edit the main settings of your output RSS feed, such as the editor name, copyright information, and language. Besides, it has an integrated XML editor with a colored syntax overview.

The "Schedule" feature enables you to automatically run the application at certain time intervals, or once at a chosen time and date. It also allows you to set it to shut down the computer when the scheduled task is finished.

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  • RSS 2.0 compatible
  • No changes needed before processing HTML pages
  • Internal upload via FTP


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